We help folks sell their firearms, ammunition and other related items at the highest possible amount and thereby realize the maximum return on their firearm investment. We are also stocking dealers for a variety of manufacturers and our Gunsmith has over 25 years experience and can fix practically anything. We build and manage auctions for sale nationally exclusively at GunAuction.Com under the Nickname “aubruin” (“au” is the chemical symbol for “Gold” and “Bruin” is another name for “Bear” hence aubruin=GoldBear). Give us a call and ask for Jon or Bill.

GOLDEN BEAR SERVICES, INC., is a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer in the Denver Metro area. We have marketed exclusively on GunAuction.Com (formerly AuctionArms.Com) since 02-23-1999 and our feedback exceeds 1,400 postings with no negatives. We list on our auctions a variety of offerings including firearms, ammunition, reloading tools & supplies and other accessories we pick up from clients who are interested in liquidating their firearms collections. We are also stocking dealers for a variety of “Mil Spec” manufacturers (such as Rock River Arms, Inc. & STAG Arms) and carry quality AR15 & AR10 firearms and accessories including Uppers, Lowers, Parts Kits, barrels, stocks, mags, complete firearms and anything else we think you might be interested in.